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The engine station is the orange station on your ship.

Engine Station Mk II[edit | edit source]

  • May be purchased at level five.
  • Allows your station to hold two gems instead of one.

Gem Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Engine Type Gem One Gem Two Description
Basic Engine
It's orange!
Turbo Engine Power Gem
Has a turbo-boost that activates when you first press the button.
Holds two turbos.
Laser Engine Beam Gem
Charges up after about two seconds of thrusting.
Fires a high-damage laser when you release the button, similar to the laser turret.
Caltrop Engine Metal Gem
Releases caltrops, that each block a single enemy shot or deal damage to a single enemy.
Drops two caltrops at a moderate rate.
Extra-Turbo Engine Power Gem Power Gem
Holds four turbos instead of two.
Bigger-Laser Engine Beam Gem Beam Gem
Like the single-gem version, but has a slightly wider laser that deals more damage.
More-Caltrop Engine Metal Gem Metal Gem
Drops four caltrops at a time, instead of two.
Plasma-Sword Engine Power Gem Beam Gem
After a few seconds of thrusting, fires a high-damage jet of plasma, until the player stops the engine.
The plasma is in a straight line, for about half a ship length behind the ship.
Turbo-Caltrop Engine Power Gem Metal Gem
Releases five caltrops when a turbo is activated.
Holds two turbos.
Plasma-Caltrop Engine Beam Gem Metal Gem
Charges up after about two seconds of thrusting.
Releases 10 caltrops in a straight line behind the ship, with additional plasma, when the button is released.