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Developer Asteroid Base has released answers to several of the most popular questions asked about Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime.

FAQs[edit | edit source]

When will Lovers be released?[edit | edit source]

When it’s done. We’re still deep in development and don’t have a release date yet. (Ahem, please ignore the “2013″ mentioned in the First Look trailer–that was back when we were planning a much smaller game than what Lovers has become. Sorry!) [it was released Sep 9, 2015]

Which platforms will you be targeting?[edit | edit source]

So far we can confirm that Lovers will be available on PC and Mac via Steam.

Is it multiplayer only?[edit | edit source]

Nope, you’ll be able to play single player and manage an AI partner.

Will it have network support?[edit | edit source]

We don’t plan to have network support as we want to concentrate on the social aspect of local co-op.