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Gems are available from picking up question-mark boxes. They provide upgrades for your ship stations:

Types Of Gems[edit | edit source]

Gem Color
Power Gem Pink
Beam Gem Yellow
Metal Gem Blue-Grey

Different gem upgrades are as follows:

Component Power Gem Beam Gem Metal Gem
Turret Gives the Turret one more barrel, which increases fire rate The Turret turns into a beam gun, that is slow to charge up but yields a medium amount of damage The Turret turns into a morning star like weapon that can be thrown out. It's difficult to handle, has somewhat limited range, but deals great damage
Shield Makes the Shield larger The Shield becomes able to reflect enemy projectiles The Shield becomes solid and spiked and capable of ramming enemies. It does not turn off when moved, however it is much slower than other shields
Engine The Engine receives 2 speed boosts that charge up automatically. Turns the Engine into a beam cannon. While using the Engine it charges it's beam. Once charged the player can shoot the beam from the Engine's Nozzle by releasing the throttle. Cannon does medium damage. The Engine shoots caltrop like objects from its nozzle which damage enemies slightly
Yamato Fires multiple homing missiles Fires a powerful straight beam laser When deployed a big saw blade circles the entire perimeter of the ship dealing heavy damage, albeit with somewhat limited range.

Gem Combinations[edit | edit source]

After upgrading a station, it can hold two gems. This makes combinations possible.

Power Gem + Power Gem[edit | edit source]

Power Gem + Power Gem
Turret: The Turret gets another barrel and max fire rate.
Shield: Makes the Shield even larger.
Engine: Gives the Engine four speed boosts which recharge shortly.
Yamato: The cannon becomes bigger and fires even more homing missiles.

Power Gem + Beam Gem[edit | edit source]

Power Gem + Beam Gem
Turret: The Turret becomes a rapid fire laser beam gun. Does a medium amount of damage. Moves slowly while firing.
Shield: The Shield now duplicates and reflects enemy projectiles when they hit it
Engine: After a short warm-up, the Engine fires a jet flame that improves speed and damages enemies.
Yamato: Fires lasers rapidly in a broad pattern

Power Gem + Metal Gem[edit | edit source]

Power Gem + Metal Gem
Turret: Turret deploys a remote-controlled rocket missile that moves slowly but can be aimed. To "shoot" the missile press the fire button again. Deals heavy damage but requires good aim. Does not damage ship if accidentally fired back.
Shield: Adds three spikes to the shield that deal damage upon contact, block enemy bullets, and do not turn off while in motion.
Engine: Engine gains two boosts and when a boost is activated it releases 4 mines.
Yamato: Shoots saw blades which bounce off enemies and walls.

Beam Gem + Beam Gem[edit | edit source]

Beam Gem + Beam Gem
Turret: The Turret gains another barrel and fires powerful beams that continue through hit enemies. Has a short recharge after firing twice.
Shield: The Shield becomes slightly wider, it still reflects projectiles back.
Engine: After charging, the Engine will fire a larger beam upon releasing the ignition.
Yamato: The cannon now fires three lasers which sweep in a V-pattern.

Beam Gem + Metal Gem[edit | edit source]

Beam Gem + Metal Gem
Turret: Turret is now a flail that is attached to a beam. After releasing the button, the flail will shoot lasers in 3 directions.
Shield: The shield no longer turns off while in motion and catches enemy bullets as mines. Mines deal damage to enemies when they come in contact with the shield.
Additional mines besides the original dissipate after time.
Engine: After a short charge time, if the button is released a laser will be fired in addition to shooting out mines.
Yamato: Deploys a big saw blade that oscillates in and out while circling around the perimeter of the entire ship clockwise, dealing heavy damage to enemies in its path.

Metal Gem + Metal Gem[edit | edit source]

Metal Gem + Metal Gem
Turret: Turret now shoots out two flails instead of one.
Shield: A slow-moving shield that doesn't turn off while in motion. Deals damage when collides with enemies.
Engine: The Engine drops mines rapidly while in motion.
Yamato: In addition to the first saw blade, two additional saw blades now circle the original one. The cannon will circle the ship completely twice before the effect ends.