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The shield station is the blue station on your ship.

Shield Station Mk II[edit | edit source]

  • May be purchased at level five.
  • Allows your station to hold two gems instead of one.

Gem Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Shield Type Gem One Gem Two Description
Basic Shield
It's blue and wavy!
Blocks most bullets and missiles.
Does not block acid spit or explosions.
Does not block anything while it is being moved.
Wider Shield Power Gem
Same abilities as the basic shield, but is about 25% wider.
Reflect Shield Beam Gem
Reflects shots away from the shield, but is about 25% smaller than the basic shield.
Spike Shield Metal Gem
Moves very slowly, but blocks everything except area-of-effect damage sources, like bomb explosions.
Deals damage when smashed into enemies.
Is always blocking, even when moving - you can't shut off a giant slab of metal!
Extra Wide Shield Power Gem Power Gem
Same abilities as the basic shield, but is about 50% wider.
Wide Reflect Shield Beam Gem Beam Gem
Still reflects, but is about 25% wider.
Wide Spike Shield Metal Gem Metal Gem
Same as the smaller spike shield, but is about 25% wider.
Multiple Reflect Shield Power Gem Beam Gem
Reflects shots away from the shield and duplicates (and sometimes triplicates?) them.
Energy-Spike Shield Power Gem Metal Gem
Has three equally-spaced spike-balls, with an energy shield in-between.
The spikes deal damage to enemies and block everything.
The energy shield blocks everything, but only pushes enemies back.
Reflect-Orb Shield Beam Gem Metal Gem
Starts with five metal orbs, and with a glowy shield between them all.
Each large shot that hits the shield will create a new orb where it hit, extending the shield.
All orbs except the original five are destroyed when they collide with terrain.