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From Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
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Dash back and forth between Weapons, Shields, Engines and Yamato Cannon to protect your Ship and collect your friends in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Each of the Stations can be upgraded to hold two Gems (starting at one) each, allowing you to mix and match gems to gain different effects. For instance, two metal gems on the shield will form a large spiky barrier that will rotates a bit slower than other shields but provides more protection, or a power gem and a metal gem on a turret creates a powerful rocket that can be manually controlled. Experimenting with gems until you find the perfect configuration is exciting and leads to hilarious results, especially on the laser.

Stations[edit | edit source]


(note that each of the powered up Stations can hold 2 Gems at a time enabling powerup combinations. Applies to all ships.)