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Weapon stations are the pink stations on your ship.

Turret Station Mk II[edit | edit source]

  • May be purchased at level 2.
  • Allows your stations to hold two gems instead of one.

Gem Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Weapon Type Gem One Gem Two Description
Double-Barrel Turret
The basic gun in the game.
Fires low-damage pink pellets at a quick rate.
Triple-Barrel Turret Power Gem
Fires normal shots faster.
Laser Beam Gem
High damage, with a long reload time.
Flail Metal Gem
Lobs a big, spiky ball on the end of an energy-rope.
Deals medium damage, but is difficult to aim effectively.
The rope does no damage.
Quad-Barrel Turret Power Gem Power Gem
Fires normal shots very fast.
Double-Barrel Laser Beam Gem Beam Gem
Double the damage throughput of the single-barrel version.
Double Flails Metal Gem Metal Gem
Two difficult-to-aim flails instead of one.
Rapid-Fire Laser Power Gem Beam Gem
Deals medium damage with repeated laser blasts, that reach about one ship width in length.
Aims very slowly when firing.
Rocket Bombs Power Gem Metal Gem
Fires rockets that slowly drift and can be controlled before firing a second time, causing them to launch at high speed.
Laser-Flail Beam Gem Metal Gem
Like the normal flail, but fires lasers in three directions after releasing the fire button.